Chippewa Valleys Student Advisory Committee


Chippewa Valley’s Student Advisory Committee

2020 has been such a stressful and confusing year for all of us due to the pandemic. From the quarantine, to hybrid school, to a hot political climate, this past year has been a trip. Chippewa Valley schools has been trying their best to work through these unprecedented times. In light of some recent hostility from the parents of the district towards the students on a Facebook group, some students from the district created a Student Advisory Committee, The SAC. The creators of the SAC are Fara Bommarito, Madeline Kraemer, Natalie Leach, and Darcy Moran from Dakota, Brandon Frederick from Chippewa, and Tanzi Khanam and Jaskaran Randhawa from IAM.

The SAC’s main goal is to give students a voice to create change. The Committee will be made of a few representatives from each grade in each high school. These students will be elected into the position by the rest of their school. SAC meetings will be held every two weeks to discuss student issues and make plans. The SAC has a website and social media that any student can go to for information or to submit a complaint or idea. The committee members will discuss these issues at the meetings and then decide what action to take. The startup team of students from Dakota, Chippewa, and the IAM have been working with administration as well as Mr.Sibley to make this a reality. The SAC will work closely with Administration to fix any student concerns and hear ideas. This gives students a way to directly communicate their ideas with people who can solve them.

The SAC will be involved in issues like COVID-19 plans for fall sports and the decisions about next year as well as future issues like mental health programs, and increased involvement between schools. This program will give students the say in what’s best for them and their school. This committee will actually listen to the kids and take them seriously.


Please check out the Student Advisory Committee on Instagram and Twitter @cvssac

The SAC website isn’t quite finished yet and you will not be able to contact a representative as none have been elected yet. But some information will be posted so check it out!