Who is the Strongest Avenger?

         A while ago, my family got into a debate about who the strongest Avenger is.  If you’re a Marvel fanatic like me, you know this is a common debate. We decided that you cannot chose a strongest Avenger without first categorizing them, because it just wouldn’t be fair to put someone like Captain Marvel up against Hawkeye (she’s a literal mutant and he’s just a country boy who’s good with a bow). So these are the class ranks that I created for the Avengers. A few of them are half-way between categories so I will explain my thought process.


I put the Hulk between A and B because while his abilities are technically human (strength, speed, etc.), the extent of these abilities are beyond anything plausibly human. Also he turns green and grows…. that’s not human.


I placed Iron Man in Class B because of his intelligence. He doesn’t have any superficial enhancements to his mind so if you disagree with the placement I see your point. However, considering he built his own suit, and then more super suits for the rest of the team, he fights battles while also scanning and interpreting data, and he’s overall a genius, I consider that above average for human intelligence.


Finally, I ranked the Black Panther between Class B and C because even though he drank that flower potion and it supposedly gave him powers, we’ve never seen him fight with the potion and without the suit, so we don’t know how much of his ability comes from it and therefore he cannot be justifiably placed in Class B.


Not all of the MCU characters are on here (most of the Guardians of the Galaxy are missing) and I did this because if you cross species with people like Mantis and Rocket, I can’t qualify their abilities as human because they aren’t human.