Falcon And The winter Soldier

Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Episodes 1 and 2 

Falcon and The Winter Soldier is one of the most anticipated streaming events of the year. After the end of Wanda-Vision Marvel fans have geared up for more content, and the growth of our favorite characters. Although Falcon and the Winter Soldier follows the more “normal” Marvel style and mood. Picking up from Sam Wilson being handed over the shield and the death of Steve Rogers, the story focuses on both Sam and Bucky finding their own path and who they are as heroes now that Steve has passed.


Spoilers Ahead…duh

John Walker: Shmaptain Shmerica 

When introduced at the end of the first episode I was so shocked. The whole point of the first episode was almost to show America’s goodbye to Steve, but as Sam had said the continuation of his spirit and ideals. However, Americans can never appreciate the end of something physical while remembering it’s spirit. 

John Walker, a well-respected army captain, is placed as the “new” Captain America. I will not lie, I wanted to like him. He didn’t choose this honor and he probably felt he was better for it than someone else. For a while he seemed he was trying his best to be someone new. During the second episode however we see an arrogant and rude side to him when Sam and Bucky decide they don’t wanna work with him. Looking closer at the show, I realize his accomplishments in war and battle are the most defined aspects of his character. Marvel is pushing in our face to let us remember what Captain America is and what he stands for; dignity, selflessness, and what’s on the inside. I’m not saying after two episodes that John Walker is a menace to America, but he definitely doesn’t show the same character as Steve




First off: I LOVE SAM WILSON. I think Sam is such an underrated character and the way he is growing in this show is so exciting!

 Sam is continuing his work for the army in helping to save people (or somethin idrk). Sam is also working to help save his family’s business, which is under financial struggle. I enjoy this realistic look at heroes’ lives, it builds them up as real people and not just military figures. Additionally, it shows how disconnected Sam is from this “real world” after the blip. He doesn’t realize the struggles his family is going through.

The loss of Steve has impacted Sam. Sam doesn’t see himself as Captain America and doesn’t follow Steve’s dying wish to become the new Captain America. I know they will continue to build his reasoning for this, but I think his main reason is he doesn’t feel ready to carry that symbol as Steve did, and the impact that has on his family and loved ones. 

The last thing I have noticed is the talk on racial inequality. One scene, as Sam and Bucky are fighting in a neighborhood street. The police quickly interfere and focus mostly on Sam, asking him to calm down and identify himself. This short scene stood out to me with what’s going on in the past year. I think it’s important to show the realism of these topics in Tv and film. Seeing heroes go through this may show the impact it has on everyone.


Bucky is getting that therapy, mental health king!!!

Bucky is working to “make amends” with the evils of his past. Also dealing with the loss of his best friend and the change of a new world and being 100 and becoming a hero and…well its a lot. 

The FATWS Bucky is much more funny and snarky. I think this is a good portrayal of the character as we’ve only seen glimpses of his actual personality. I feel Bucky will continue to grow, especially in his relationship with Sam

We will definitely see more on Bucky’s secrets, like Isaiah, an additional super human, who was put under tests after the war. Isaiah could be one of many, and it shows the mental and physical toll which it takes to be injected with the serum.