Quarantine Date Ideas Part 3

Seeing as Covid has now continued for a year, people are getting on with their lives. However, it’s still important to be safe and social distance. To make it a bit easier, here are even more ideas for dates that follow social distancing and quarantine


1. Hiking:

Luckily, the weather is finally getting warm enough to do outdoor activities. Hiking may not appeal to some people but it is a good way to hang out with your S.O. while maintaining a 6-foot divide. The trails at Wolcott Mill and Stony Creek MetroPark are my personal recommendation.

2. Jack box

Jack box is an online game night platform where you can join your friends remotely and play games together. They have a ton of great games that will keep you entertained for hours. You need more than two players to play most of the games, so grab some friends or your parents and have a game night!

3. Spa night

Nothing better than a relaxing night in, FaceTime your S.O. and do some skin care and relaxation together. You can do face masks and paint your nails the same color, and all sorts of other cheeses cute stuff.


4. 20 questions

A great way to get to know your S.O. is to quiz each other with random questions. Think of it like the NewlyWed game but we can call it something else so budding relationships get freaked out. I recommend this list from The Cut.




5. Virtual museums

Lots of museums around the world are offering virtual tours, even if you don’t do this as a date, I still recommend it. The Van Gough museum is absolutely beautiful and worth the time. Go enjoy some famous art and impress your date with your art knowledge. This is the link to the Van Gogh museum specifically, but a Google search can show you the rest.


6. Playlists

In an age past mix-tapes and CDs, making playlists for your S.O. Is the new version. Throw together your favorite songs and the songs that remind you most of your partner and send it their way. Make sure to give it a good name first.