March Reading Month

March Reading Month

March, the month filled with chaos and happiness with everyone awaiting the warm spring weather. Though this month was filled with some small holidays and events such as International Woman’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, March is also known as the classic month that teachers have always called it since you first set foot in elementary school… Reading Month. So, the label kind of wore off by the time most of us reached middle school, and many of us will not be afraid to admit that it was way better than the reading logs they started to give us. But, even though this month has ended, it’s never too late to start planning for next March, or even putting these books in your tbr (To Be Read). So, here are some popular books that you can start reading that are currently rising in popularity in our school’s library.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Courtesy of Ms. Groppuso, our school’s librarian, she had informed me that Ready Player One was a book that many students have been seen reading. The book of course, is known to the media and had had grown in popularity in 2018 for the film adaptation based off the book. “It’s a science fiction, dystopian about an RPG video game that helps citizens forget the reality of their crumbling society. But when a young player figures out a clue to the game, the action and adventure begin,” (Groppuso). She also informed me to let those who love the book know that Ready Player Two will be in our school’s library soon.

One of Us is Lying & One of Us is Next by Karen McManus

Again, this is another one of the books that student seem to find interest in.  This trilogy is absolutely thrilling and exciting and I most definitely recommend it. According to Ms. Groppuso the book is very similar to The Breakfast Club but there is a murder during detention. “So, like The Breakfast Club, five very different students are serving detention together, but only four come out of detention alive,” (Groppuso). To add on, everyone is a suspect, and everyone has something to hide, that’s what makes the book so good! The book is currently being made into a young-adult mystery drama series that will be on Peacock. ” Peacock has handed a series order to young-adult mystery drama One of Us is Lying and has tapped Dario Madrona, co-creator of Netflix’s Elite, as showrunner. The streamer has given the adaptation of Karen McMacnus’ novel an eight-episode order after ordering a pilot last year,” (Deadline).

Overall, I personally feel like these books are amazing. If you have a taste for thriller or for science fiction books, I recommend reading these, or just adding them to your list of others. For now, this is what is currently popular in our school’s library, so be sure to stop by and read a little bit here and there and see if you like them!