Animated Movies That Never Made It To The Big Screen


Pixar has been known for the many adorable and funny little animated movies that children and teens have grown to love over the years. Some of these movies, including Toy Story, have played a big role in many of our lives and have helped us believe that anything is possible, as long as we just believe. But, some of these movies that we have grown to love since our childhood, were close to not even being released and for some, a completely unnecessary sequel was made. So, what movies were Pixar and Disney planning to release that never made it to our screens?

Newt– A movie about the last two remaining male and female blue-footed newts on the planet that are forced together by science to save the species. This show was originally suppose to be released either in 2011 or 2012. The show was said to be cancelled due to the plot being too similar to Blue Sky’s Rio (2011). 

Incredibles 2– Many have their own opinions, but some think that Incredibles 2 was completely pointless and that the first one was just fine and didn’t require a sequel. Some even say that it should have been Big Hero 6 that deserved a second movie and not this. Though the movie has already been made, it wasn’t really necessary.

Dumbo Ⅱ – The movie was said to begin a day after the original left off, in 1941 and was said to release in 2006. It was suppose to be about Dumbo and a group of other animals being stranded in New York and trying to find a way out. The producers of the film thought the idea was rather dull and had sadly cancelled it the same year.

Monsters Inc. 2: Lost in Scaradise– The sequel was to take place one year after the original.  Mike and Sully were to visit the human world on Boo’s birthday to give her a present, only to find out that she has moved and get trapped in the human world trying to find her. The movie was originally sent to be made in 2010 and  was promised to arrive in 2013. It was later cancelled by Pixar who didn’t go through with the idea.

Penguin Island– The movies was to be about a blind missionary who accidentally baptizes a bunch of penguins, who are gifted human souls and advance as a civilization ultimately undone by terrorism. There is no news on why the movie was canceled.

The Gremlins– The movie was to be a collaboration between Walt Disney and Roald Dahl. The movie is in fact, what it sounds like. It got canceled due to copyright problems.

The Odyssey– The movie was suppose to be based off Homer’s The Odyssey. It was scrapped for being too long and not comedic enough. The cancellation of this movie later led to the production of Disney’s Very first Greek mythology movie, Hercules.

The Wild Life– The movie was suppose to be a CGI film, which was a Disney’s first one without Pixar. It was to be about an elephant who becomes a pop star in the Studio 54-era New York nightlife.  It is unknown why the movie was canceled.

My Peoples The studio which made Mulan and Lilo and Stitch, had thought that it would be nice to create a traditional animation taking place in the 1940s. The movie was about feuding families in Appalachia helped by ghost-possessed dolls. The dolls were CGI, and the humans were hand-drawn. The movie was canceled in 2003 due to many name changes and the producers being uninterested with the plot.

Gigantic– The movie was set to be released on March 9, 2018. Then it got delayed to November 21, 2018, then again in November 2020. It ended up being canceled in October 2017 due to story issues.  It was suppose to be based on the story Jack and the Beanstalk.