What Happened To The Olson Twins?


Everyone is familiar with Full House, right? If so, then you would know that little Michelle Tanner was played by none other than Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson. Of course, they have stared in many other movies and Tv shows, but this was one of the shows that fully sparked their acting career and was their big break. At only six-months old, the twins stared in their very first sitcom show called “Full House” and both played little Michelle Tanner. Though it may seem like they enjoyed it, being a kid and all and staring in a very popular late 1980’s show, it was said that the twins didn’t in fact enjoy acting or their fame at all. But, the last time we have seen was in 2012 when they officially stared in their last movie together and fully retired from acting in order to focus more on their careers in the fashion industry. Though, ever since then it seems that the world has forgotten them. So, where are they now?

Well, to start off, both twins got married. In 2015, Mary-Kate Olson married her boyfriend of three years, Oliver Sarkozy, a French baker. Ashley’s love life on the other hand, has been kept private, but she married an artist by the name of Louis Eisner in 2017 and they have been said to be happy together every since. Though, later on Mary-Kate ended up having a rough divorce in 2020. It was said that Sarkozy had invited his ex-wife, their children, and his mother to come stay with them in the same house, right towards the beginning of the pandemic, which was one of the main causes for the divorce. Mary-Kate tried to file for an emergency divorce petition, but ended up losing regardless of her claims that he was trying to kick her out of their apartment in New York in the middle of the pandemic.

Now off from the topic of relationships, the twins are also slowly rising to fame again, all thanks to their younger sister, Elizabeth Olson, who is currently staring in Wandavision on Disney +. Elizabeth states in an article that her sister’s acting made a huge difference in her life and that for three months straight in her childhood, she didn’t want to act after seeing what fame had done to her sisters.

Besides all this, there really isn’t much else to say, the twins don’t have any social media and are busy focusing on their careers as fashion designers. They aren’t really interested in fame which makes sense on why they haven’t been on the media for a long time.