Traveling to Greece!!

Last year, during winter break, I went to Santorini, Greece. If you’ve never been, I have a few places in mind. For my stay, I was in my sisters apartment with my modeling agent. The view on the deck was beautiful, along with the private pool to top it all off. Inside her apartment was fairly small, but my sister is the only one staying there, and the view is totally worth it. Even though I was in Greece for modeling, I had a lot of free time on my hands. My sister gave me a tour, and I went on a boat trip, many different shops, an ice cream shop, where I highly recommend the passion fruit ice cream, and I went to a beach with black sand. Santorini of very busy, so I recommend if you aren’t going anywhere that’s walking distance from where you’re staying, to take a taxi. My favorite part about visiting was the beach, and getting souvenirs to take home. If you plan to go to the beach at night, from personal experiences, don’t wear a swimsuit, it’s very cold.

Greece is a beautiful place to travel to get away, or bring friends and family, and the perfect place to have a photo shoot. It’s like a dream that you never want to wake up from!


Black sand beach