Sophomores Transfer

Thinking it was going to be easy to transfer from the small building to the big building was not the best assumption. From being in the 9th grade center it was mostly like a circle and it was an easy transfer from middle school to high school. After, not being able to get must of an inside view of the 10-12 building it was a challenge. We went into school the first day, and were all very stressed out, because we truly have never been inside the new building before. As we walked into the new building, our faces dropped at how much more classes and how it was a bigger layout than we expected. The first day wasn’t as terrible as most of us thought it to be. It truly is just a very large open square with a bunch of hallways leading into one another. From some of our lovely sophomore as they said, “We believed that it would be much harder to transfer, but truly with support it was much easier.” The transfer was thought to be much harder than we intended it to truly be.