What’s The Hype About Scythe?


The Scythe Trilogy has been known to many people as an amazing dystopian, action and high fantasy book by Neal Shusterman.

( ⚠️May Contain Spoilers⚠️)

The book is set in the far future, where death by natural causes has been virtually eliminated thanks to advances in technology, and an advanced computer system known as the “Thunderhead” controls society.  The Thunderhead is a form of artificial intelligence who does not make mistakes or have regrets. However, the Thunderhead can communicate with others. The Scythedom is an organization separate from the Thunderhead tasked with deciding who must die, as overpopulation has remained a problem. The novel centers around two teenagers, Citra Terranova and Rowan Damisch, who undergo training as they are recruited into the scythedom to become, well, Scythes.

This week, I interviewed 4 students who are currently reading the series and asked them some questions on how they got introduced to the series and what drew them to read such a book!?

While reading Scythe, is there any particular feeling that goes through you? (Like during an action scene, do you get excited or have an adrenaline rush even though it’s not real?)

Alyssa Spencer: During the eventful scenes where the characters take a risk or something bad happens, I feel nervous or sad for the characters.

Dylan Laskowski: While reading the scythe I am very intrigued on how the world works in the book. I haven’t read many books like it so it is very fascinating to me.

Jordan Vernon: During an action scene in scythe, I don’t really feel anything but I do feel like “Dang that’s messed up.”

Denis Qafarena: While reading Scythe I always feel kind of scared in a way, and curious to what’s going to happen next. During an action scene I always feel like something unpredictable is going to happen, so I try to prepare myself for the worst.

 What emotions are readers going expect to feel or go through while reading this book? (Should they prepare to feel sad, happy, shock, etc.)

Alyssa Spencer: Nervous, anxious, shocked, and sad. My emotions change a lot while reading the book.

Dylan Laskowski: Some parts in the book do make you emotional while reading about a death but there are other exciting parts.

Jordan Vernon: You can honestly feel all type of emotions reading this story depending on the type of person you are.

Denis Qarfarena: I would say readers should expect to feel curious, happy, and kind of frightened.

Would you recommend this book to people who like action and high fantasy?

Alyssa Spencer: I would recommend this book to people who like dystopian, action, and fantasy.

Dylan Laskowski:  I would most definitely recommend the book to people who love action and high fantasy because this book is a dystopian fantasy.

Jordan Vernon: Yes, I would recommend this book to other of they like fantasy and action.

Denis Qarfarena:  I would recommend this book to people that like action and high fantasy because something interesting is always happening and the whole book is about a made up world with different made up ways of living.

How would you describe the book to people who have never read it before?

Alyssa Spencer:  I would describe this book as interesting. Some things are very unexpected and it’s hard to predict what will happen next.

Dylan Laskowski: I would describe this book as a unique find that brings out the emotions of the readers.

Jordan Vernon: I would say its an interesting story that only gets better the more you read.

Denis Qarfarena: I would describe the book as a dystopian with a really good made up story of how scythe’s go around and kill certain people who they think deserve to die.

What drew you to the book? (Did a family member for friend recommend it or has it been on you “to be read” for a while?)

Alyssa Spencer: What drew me to the book was the cover and description for the book. I like dystopian books, so it seemed interesting to me.

Dylan Laskowski:  I just had the book recommended to me by my teacher McLeod.

Jordan Vernon: Mr.McLeod was talking about it one day in class and I picked it up because its somewhat similar to a show I watched.

Denis Qarfarena: The librarian was talking about the book when we were all there to get a book and drew me to it.