What to Expect for Hybrid


So, it’s official. We are going back to school and many of us aren’t really looking forward to it since we are so used to the comfort of our own home. But as much as we hate it, we really have no choice since the online academy isn’t accepting any more students. So, as a person who sort of understands what is going to happen here is some advice and tips to help you during the first week back.

What is going to happen?

If you happen to be one of those students who really just doesn’t have a clue on what’s going on or what schedules are going to be like, and even what group you’re in. Don’t worry, you probably didn’t get the email, but all you have to do is look at the last number of your address, if it’s an even number then you’re Group B, if it’s odd then you’re Group A.

Now on to how schedules will be like after you find out what group you are in. Group A will be attending school in person (hybrid) on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. While Group B attends school in person (hybrid) on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Both Groups will be attending online school on Fridays and on the days the other group goes to school in person.

Of course, we are required to wear a mask and teachers will be getting the vaccine. As for us freshman’s, we did not get a school tour so we will have to ask around, there will also be  hall monitor’s and teachers who you can ask when you’re lost and can’t find your class.

Lunch. Lot’s of people are confused on what is going to happen for lunch. You will find out what lunch you have by looking on the Powerschool app on your phone, click on your fourth hour and next to the room number is a letter. That symbolizes what lunch you have. You can either have lunch A, B, or C. Besides that, I haven’t heard any other news about how lunch is going to work.

I know some people already know what’s going to happen and what the plan is for hybrid, but hopefully this is helpful to those who are confused!

Advice & Tips 

  1. Get a comfortable backpack (teacher recommended)– Since we will not be using our lockers for sanitary purposes, we’ll  have to drag our backpacks with us all day long with all of our supplies to each of our classes. So some teachers recommend getting a comfy and big backpack so you won’t hurt yourself with those rough straps and you’ll be able to hold all of your stuff and not have shoulder pain by the end of the day.
  2. Masks!!!-Masks are extremely important, you also have no choice because I doubt they’ll let you in the building without one. But, just like the backpack, you need to get a comfortable mask! After all, you’ll be wearing it the whole day, so why not get one that fits your aesthetic, but don’t pick on others for the way their masks look, we probably don’t want any bullying going on just because you don’t some ones mask.
  3. Bring a water bottle and charger- I know this may seem weird having that students don’t bring chargers to school, but you will have to turn in a bunch of online assignments on Schoology so I suggest either bringing a charger or charging it every morning before school. As for the water bottles, student’s aren’t allowed to use the drinking fountains, and though many of us already bring one to school everyday, I suggest keeping up with that routine.
  4. Be respectful!!- I know that it’s been only 4 months of school and having that those four months were online lots of students can forget their manners, especially after staying home with family. But I definitely suggest being respectful towards your peers and your teachers as soon as we go back because we all went through some tough stuff during the first few weeks of school, plus the teachers are trying and working really hard and will probably be drained by the end of the school year. But I really think  that we need to show some respect here and there to show them that we really appreciate what they are doing during this time.