Avengers Endgame – A Disgrace to Time Travel

When Avengers Endgame was first released, everyone was shell shocked and in awe of the masterpiece. However, now that I have watched it many times and actually started analyzing it, I have serious problems with it. This list is in chronological order, but trust me you want to read to the end; I have a lot to say about the ending.  




WHAT!!???? There are so many times in the Avengers franchise where it is clearly explained that the Hulk and Bruce Banner are two separate consciencesFor example, a large part of Thor Ragnarok revolves around hulk and Banner being separate minds. When we see this new combination of Hulk, it’s just Bruce Banner in Hulk’s body, but Hulk’s mind isn’t there anymore… did they kill off Hulk? 


This is a smaller issue, but Cassie seems to have aged 10 years in the 5-year blip. That’s just sloppy writing. 



How did Thanos destroy the stones? You need the stoneto destroy the stones, but if the stones are destroyed then how is reality still happening. If the stones have all this power, destroying them should have opened a black hole and sucked in the universe and nothing would have ever existed. 

SO YOU CAN’T DESTROY THE STONES! The Ancient One makes it very clear to Banner that the stones create time and space itself, and that destroying or removing even one would create endless realities and destroy time. It seems like they didn’t edit this plotline very well. 



So I guess you don’t need to be part God or special at all to hold an infinity stone. Why did they say that in Guardians of the Galaxy then? 



I can’t even with this part… Like I can’t even fathom why they did this. It’s such sloppy writing and completely ruins the character arc Steve goes through during the entire franchise. Heres a list of ways this decision messed up the realities of time: 

  • PEGGY HAD A FAMILY IN AGENT CARTER! He just erased those people from that reality 
  • The part where he totally had a thing with Peggy’s great-niece after her funeral… 
  • Captain America now can’t exist in the timeline.  

The most aggravating part is that it seems to be the same reality because he is there on that bench. So somehow, he gets both his life with Peggy and Captain America had to exist? 

Finally, how could he just abandon his family in the present for her? I’m all for being in love, but he had a whole family with the Avengers. Also, why did he spend all that time-saving Bucky and almost getting killed in Civil War for him if he was just going to abandon him? He barely knew Peggy, and were supposed to believe he left present-day and went back to live in the ’50s after all he’s seen? 

I hate this I hate this I hate this.  


There are even more examples of how they broke EVERY rule of time travel, but these the ones I care most about. Overall, this was very sloppy time travel and it’s ridiculous that it all just worked out perfectly, there are giant plot holes and so many contradictions to their science. I still love the movie, but it makes me so mad that they left so many mistakes.