Class of 2021 Fundraiser


Carly Byrum

Dakota parents are busy planning and raising money for the senior class celebration that takes place towards the end of the school year. One particular fundraiser going on right now is the Daily 3 Evening Raffle Drawing which runs through the month of February. A $10 donation provides 28 chances to win a total of $3,400 in cash prizes. Each ticket purchased has a three-digit number and corresponds with the Michigan Daily 3 Evening Lottery results. If the Michigan Lottery three-digit number matches your ticket number, you win! The drawings held Monday – Friday payout $100, the Saturday drawing pays out $150 and the Sunday drawing pays out $200. These current payouts assume all tickets are sold prior to February 1st when the fundraiser begins. The goal is for the class of 2021 to sell 1000 tickets!