Trivia Night!


Alessandro Romero, Writer

A new Trivia Night celebrating the end of 2020 and the coming of 2021 is going to happen on the 29th of January at 7 p.m. All students at Dakota High School are welcome to participate in the event. The Trivia Night boasts of prizes for students. The event is accepting players until January 15th! The event is organized and brought to you by the Sophomore Class Council of the school. Hanna Jankowski, one of the organizers, agreed to do an interview detailing what is to come with the event. 


Question One: What categories of the trivia?  

Jankowski: We wanted to target a variety of categories that students would be interested in, such as sports, pop culture, Dakota, and travel. 


Question Two: How difficult will the trivia be?  

Jankowski: Our trivia night includes easy, medium, and hard questions to cover different levels of knowledge. Some are challenging, some are well-known, you might even learn something new! 


Question Three: How long will the event be? 

Jankowski: The trivia night is aimed to be about 30 minutes long. 


Question Four: Other than trivia itself, will there be anything students need to know before participating in the event? 

Jankowski: The only thing students need to know is their school email address so they can receive their prizes! 


Question FiveWhat is the role the students are going to play in the Trivia Night? 

Jankowski: Students will be playing as contestants in our trivia night, buzzing in and answering questions. 


Question SixWhat kinds of prizes will students receive? 

Jankowski: Students will be able to win gift cards to Target, Starbucks, and Amazon, just to name a few. 


Question SevenWhat goal does the class council have in doing the Trivia Night? 

Jankowski: Our class council hopes to connect students with each other outside of school Teams meetings, and of course for them to have fun! 


Question Eight: What are the ways students can join the events? 


Jankowski: Students can join trivia night by scanning the QR code on our flyer and filling out the Microsoft form. We also have the form link provided on our social media platforms. Our Instagram is @dakotahs2023 and our Twitter is @Dhs2023 




The Sophomore Class Council has organized a thirty-minute trivia night that has easy to difficult trivia questions based on topics like Dakota High School and Sports. Students in the Trivia Night will buzz in and answer questions to receive gift cards from places like Amazon or Starbucks. This event has the goal to also give students the reward of joining together. Student participants can join by today through a QR code (look at flier), through Twitter @Dhs2023, or through Instagram @dakotahs2023.