The Next Term

The Next Term

We all know by now that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are our new President and Vice President. But don’t you just wish that you could take a look into the future and see what life would be like four years later? Nobody really knows what it would be like (unless you are Marty McFly, then feel free to take me with you) but besides the fact that time travel hasn’t been invented yet, there is in fact no possible way to actually see what happens in the next four years. So, the only reliable source is to use our minds and try to predict what happens, and that is exactly what I’m going to do. I am going to predict what the outcome of the next couple of years will be like with Biden as our president.

What’s to happen in the next four years?

Now hear me out, I’m just a teenager that knows nothing (and I mean nothing) about politics, so there is no way for me to fully know what is happening in Joe Biden’s mind and what exactly he has planned to do while he is in office, so there will be a 1% chance that some of my predictions could be true (I doubt it). But according to the media, there are some of Biden’s plans that are actually going to be happening, such as creating an Equality Act by the first 100 days of his term, fighting for LGBTQ+ rights, allowing women to get abortions, and possibly releasing a Covid-19 vaccine by April of 2021.

My Predictions

  1. Donald Trump will leave America (though this may not be true, it was said that Trump was to leave as soon as Biden won).
  2. The California Fires will hopefully end by March of 2021
  3. Covid will hopefully die down by July 2021
  4. We will create a better way to reuse things and help the environment.
  5. We’ll find a way to prevent pollution.

What could happen if Trump won?

I’m not the biggest fan of Trump nor Biden for personal reasons, as I feel that a female president would handle all this better. With the way things went these past four years, I think we can all say that it didn’t go as we planned. I believe that Trump was still our president, we would kind of be stuck in a loop and he would keep complaining about China and how they caused all of this, and I don’t think we would be getting anywhere. additionally, he did do a lot of things that weren’t okay, he was homophobic, he had done a lot of things that were disrespectful towards woman, and he won’t even invite Biden into the White House and own up to the fact that he lost and his time as our president is done.