What Is The Best Video Game Console?


Brenden Koop and Max Kruk

    With the Christmas season approaching fast, Microsoft and Sony released their new video game consoles. The companies are known for coming out with new consoles right before Christmas, knowing lots of people will want them as gifts. Lots of people are asking themselves, which one should I get? 

    Let’s start with talking about the new Xbox series X, its starting price will be $499. We all expected that it would not be cheap, even though Microsoft was trying to make this the cheapest new console ever. If you are looking for a cheaper option though, the Xbox series S is $299 and brand-new console. With Microsoft’s new consoles just coming out they are getting fantastic reviews so far and sold out almost everywhere. Microsoft really stepped up their game on their new consoles, trying to compete with PC gamers and of course Sony. 

    The Playstation 5 by Sony is priced about the same as the Xbox Series X, with there being a version with a 4K Blu-ray drive for $499.99, and a Digital Edition of the Playstation that is priced at $399.99. The only difference between the two is that the Digital Edition lacks a CD drive. The PS5 performs like how you’d think any next-gen console would run when compared to the previous, with it having faster loading speeds, better graphics, and games running much faster than they did before. Sony also offers a brand-new controller with the PS5, something that Microsoft didn’t innovate much on for the Xbox Series X. The controller is a DualSense controller, with its main feature being that it has haptic feedback, which helps to immerse players into their game more than ever before. Overall, the new Playstation 5 has gotten very favorable reviews from customers, much like the Xbox Series X.  

     In conclusion, in our opinion, if you are going to spend $500 dollars, I would take that money and build a gaming computer. On a computer, you can play all the games you could on an Xbox or Playstation. The best part about PC gaming is that you can upgrade your computer and it’ll never go bad. Compared to these videogame Consoles, in about 2 years they will start to run slow. You can even have way better graphics and sound quality on a computer!