IOS 14: Apple’s Latest Update


As you may have heard, Apple has just recently released a new iPhone update called IOS 14. While many have been waiting patiently for the next iPhone to come out, Apple has decided to give us something even more exciting, a new software update, that works for almost all iPhones. From All-new widgets to cute and customizable app designs to fit your aesthetic, this brand-new update is something teens are loving, especially with all that’s going on, we need a little break.  

But what exactly is all the hype all about?

Well, the new update consists of many new and mind-blowing things, that many Apple users thought only Androids had. Take Widgetsmith for example. Almost everybody has heard of the app from Android, but it looks like Apple thought it would be a nice little touch to add to their new update. But that’s not all, they also updated almost every app that came with your phone, such as improved shot-to-shot performance speeds for your camera, improved performance with an even faster JavaScript engine for safari, and even pinned conversations to keep up nine of your favorite message threads, for messages.

But is this update really healthy for teens?

Ever since this new update came out, teens have been spending more time on their phones than usual, and it seems that they’re so focused on their home screen designs to notice that staying for more than six hours on your cellphone is very unhealthy. But it’s not just the amount of screen time, it could also effect your battery life, meaning your phone could get serious battery damage from this new update, since IOS 13 only came out 3 months ago. But other than those flaws, everything seems pretty legit. Unless there is any problems in the future with this update, it seems pretty good!