Staying on Task During Online Learning


Brooklyn Plitz

Online learning can come with its challenges, that’s for sure, but since we’re stuck with online for at least ten weeks, here are some ways to make online learning a better environment for you.  

  1. Set up in a place where you can focus 

While trying to do schoolwork and listen to your teachers it is hard to focus if you are doing school perhaps in your kitchen, this will make you distracted by your surroundings, whether it is by a pet, something outside, etc. 

      2.Place your phone away from you 

We all know our phones are a distraction to us, whether it’s snapchatting your friends, watching or making tiktoks, or even playing games. Online school is already a challenge, don’t make it harder by losing track of instruction by being on your phone. 

      3. Have a schedule plan 

Being able to set aside time for homework and not procrastinating any of it is going to benefit you. Don’t try to cram all of your homework in at 11:00 and night when it’s due at 11:59. For example, doing your homework let’s say right after school is not going to take you forever and then it leaves the rest of the night for yourself, including laying low or going to sports.  

      4. Take breaks 

Even though time management is very important, it is also healthy to be able to give yourself breaks, if you’re dumb like me and took a lot of honors, accelerated, ap, etcClasses, you know that staring at your homework for two hours is not beneficial, take break, give your brain a few minutes to relax after all that writing (or typing).  

      5. Use offline tools 

Since online school is mostly just sitting and staring at a computer screen for 7 hours, it is beneficial when you don’t have to be staring at the screen and causing headaches and migraines. Write your notes, don’t type them, print out assignments and write them down, (writing down things helps you remember more rather than typing too).