Socially Distant Date Ideas – The Sequel

Since doing the same dates over and over again gets pretty dull, here’s 6 new ideas that my boyfriend Kellin and I have perfected. Also, since I got a few suggestions this list will include some ideas that can be done from separate houses!

1. Sidewalk chalk art!!! It’s actually way more fun than you’d expect, Kellin’s cat made some great contributions by walking through the chalk dust with white paws and becoming a rainbow.


2. Find a recipe you both like and make it! We chose frosting because I was sad and frosting makes me happy.

3. Teach your date how to skateboard! Or I suppose learn together if neither of you know how. I am truly awful at it but I’ve never fallen so I consider myself the next Tony Hawk.


4. Netflix Party your favorite shows and movies. (For those who don’t know, it’s a web extension that lets you watch things together with a chat room on the side. ) (I promise this isn’t an ad) (But seriously go to to install it.)


5. Swap favorite books with your date! This one is my favorite idea by far, I definitely discovered a new favorite book series.


6. This one is last because it requires some equipment, but if you happen to have a projector that you can set up in your back yard, do it! You can use a sheet for a screen if you don’t have one.


One again I will admit, these are definitely not the best circumstances to be dating in. But we all have to do our part and follow regulations so we can get back to normal sooner. Until then, I hope these ideas can help you. Stay safe, and please wear your masks.