Dating in quarantine sucks. But here’s some safe date ideas.

 So, my boyfriend Kellin and I have become MASTERS of social distance dating. Here’s some of our favorite dates so far


1. Go eat an entire pizza in the park and do a photo shoot. We also saw a raccoon on the side of a trail that was definitely tweaking. We named him Baz.


2. Sit in someone’s backyard and paint! We painted big wooden letters for each other. Yes we have the same initial. I know, we’re adorable.


3. Attempt to teach each other TikTok dances. Now I won’t post the videos of these to save the tiny amount of dignity I still have. But I will post a photo of my glasses that I broke while dancing. Drop an F in the comments because now I have to go get new ones…. my mom is not pleased.

4. And if you’re like us and only started dating after quarantine started, your parents might want to find some way to meet your new partner. So the only thing I came up with is sitting on opposite sides of my sliding glass door and being on a phone call.

*bonus points if you spot my cat, Olive

5. Sit in separate cars in a parking lot. This one is the most boring, but if your parents are super strict it’s a 100% safe option.

I hope this list gives you some new ideas. I know dating can be pretty rough since Ms. Rona decided to come to town. Obviously not the best circumstances but hey, I think it’s worth it.