The Deadly Sins – Door Two

Tori DeAngelis

On the other side of the orange door, the floor felt like linen. I look around and the floor was ordained with a copious amount of food items; there was plates of waffles that looked as if they could touch the ceiling, pies of every flavor and as big as a house, and ahead of me, a roast pig biting into an apple stared at my soul.
Shortly after I take in the scene, the stacks of waffles begin to wobble and are about to fall over. The floor beneath me shot forward, landing me on my butt. The floor continued to move faster and faster in the direction of the pig. I looked passed it and saw shining cutlery stabbing violently into the food and the linen floor.

I saw a massive man with his shirt buttons pulled taunt by his excessive weight, his mouth full with the food that surrounded me. I was soon to be devoured by this man; I needed to find a way to stop his consumption. I look toward the shiny red apple between the pig’s jaws and yank it out to throw it at him. After wrenching it from the pig’s teeth, hundreds of rats come swarming out and flocked towards the blob of fat.

I looked away and heard his screams become silenced by the squeaking of rodents shoving themselves down yet another throat.

Then, a light blue door appeared.