Fidm Fashion Club

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Cydney Long, Journalist

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All big things often have small beginnings. Business, people, and even programs in education. From my previous article I want to thank all the students who reached out to me wanting to join fashion design. However, we still haven’t gotten to our goal of 25 students to be placed to start the class. So to keep promoting the class we want to start small and introduce the Fidm fashion club. The fashion institute of design and merchandising (Fidm) is a prestigious fashion college with four campuses strategically located in California’s fashion and entertainment centers.  They help students interested in pursuing careers in these creative industries to launch Fashion Clubs at their high schools. Club Presidents lead fun activities at their meetings, organize events, and do fundraisers. Many clubs organize and produce fashion shows at school, gaining valuable fashion leadership experience. Fashion Club members qualify for exclusive scholarships to attend FIDM, plus they get access to special contests and giveaways with amazing prizes. It’s leadership and fun put into one fashionable package. (Words of Fidm fashion club) So everyone if you are interested, have questions, and want to join please let me, Cydney Long and Mrs. Skrocki know. We want to get the club up and running as soon as possible!