Rock The Runway Staff Interviews

Emily Gottlieb, Writer

Directors Elena Ristoski and Darcy Moran

On December 6th, Dakota’s StuGo hosted Rock the Runway, a charity fashion show that was supporting the Great Lakes Alliance. The event featured models wearing items from various local clothing companies, the bands Unsteady and The Dwellers, vocal performances, and models wearing prom dresses and tuxes from Joani’s Boutique and Wesner Tuxedo.

Before the show, the staff for the event was incredibly busy preparing. Model Jenessa Ediagbonya was eating before appearing in the show. She explained that she would be “wearing the Cougar Den and Banana Republic” during the show. Jenessa absolutely killed it both times that she was on the runway. 

The band and choir rooms were full of “babysitters” waiting for the show to start. Isabella Plati explained that her job was “model babysitter for Happy Earth apparel. So, I basically am in charge of the models for Happy Earth Apparel. I need to make sure that they get their clothes on in time, they get on stage at the right place, right time, and that they get to change into their next outfits if they have any.” 

Before the models arrived, many of the babysitters were preparing for the show. They mentioned the charity that the event was supporting, Great Lakes Alliance. Zack Telly, a babysitter, said that “Alliance for the Great Lakes means pretty much coming together as one to raise money to help save our lakes and the marine life that is in it or surrounding it.”  The charity and its message were mentioned several times throughout the show. 

The show was organized and directed by students in the Dakota Student Government. Darcy Moran was a co-director, along with performing with her band, The Dwellers. She was incredibly busy during the entire show but did have time to explain her role in the show, saying that “last year I did do the show, I was a model babysitter, so I did a lot of stuff backstage while watching models and such. This year, as co-director it’s kind of different. My favorite part of the show is performing because my band performs at intermission, so I think it’s a lot of fun and I love the whole event.” Not only was Darcy co-director and a performer with the band, merchandise from her band and her own music was modeled. 

The event was a huge success! Pictures from the event can also be found on the site.