Post Malone “Bleeds” Excellence in his New Album

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Tori DeAngelis

Hollywood’s Bleeding is Post Malone’s third album in his discography following beerbongs & bentleys. This album proceeds his previous album perfectly while changing the style yet maintaining his quality.

1. Hollywood’s Bleeding-10/10

“Hollywood’s Bleeding” cleanly transitions from the b & b era into this new era of Post Malone. Exactly halfway through the track, the beat, energy, flow, and sound switches signifying the new Post Malone. It was a masterful cold track that set up the entire album.  


“Saint-Tropez” is a heavy hip-hop oriented track that establishes the structure of most of the tracks on this album with a vibe filled chorus preceded by a trap/hip-hop beat

3. Enemies (feat. DaBaby)-7/10

This is Hollywood’s Bleeding radio track and it’s clear that it was designed to be that way. The production of this track was not executed well; it’s very evident that DaBaby’s feature was not recorded in the same studio as the main track. Although, his feature was fire and included the back beat for “Shuge” which is a subtle but effective touch.

4. Allergic-10/10

Post Malone’s vocals are very dynamic in this song, moving up and down the octave scale and perfectly matches the beat and energy of the track. He impeccably meshes indie, punk pop, and lyrical rock into this masterpiece. 

5. A Thousand Bad Times-9/10

“A Thousand Bad Times” is the least hip-hop influenced track on this album which strays away from his usual combination of rap and punk rock. This song has a much more apparent indie sound that you would think to hear while shopping at Hollister. 

7. Die For Me (feat. Future & Halsey)-6.5/10 

Future’s feature in this song is trash, but Halsey saves it where she provides a unique vocal style to this track. The track’s back beat gives this song structure and the fore beat gives it detail; although, it remains the same throughout the track and only breaks during Halsey’s highlight.

8. On the Road (feat. Meek Mill& Lil Baby)-3/10

Post Malone has an amazing intro to this song, but these two features completely kill the track. Meek Mill raps completely off beat, it’s almost as if he is ignoring it. Lil Baby has too much auto tune on his voice where it sounds like C-3PO is on the beat.  

9. Take What You Want (feat. Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott)-10/10

Everything about this song is top tier, and the featured artists assisted in creating this stroke of genius not ruining it like “On the Road.” Ozzy Osbourne’s vocals perfectly set the tone for the entire song. Post Malone took both of his inspirations from metal (Osbourne) and hip-hop (T Scott) and meshed them together flawlessly in this track. Not to mention the amazing 50 second guitar solo in a mainstream hip-hop album which is a bold, unique move by Post Malone. 

10. I’m gonna be-6.5/10 

This track is another repetitive vibe filled song that you can listen to on mainstream platforms. It is placed strangely after Take What You Want which finished with a hype guitar solo which does not flow well into the relaxed tone of this song.  

13. Internet-3/10

This song had a good start with Post Malone alternating between fast and slow rapping changing rhythm within seconds; however, he attempted to be different with orchestra instrumental music which sounded like it belonged in a fairy tale movie. 

15. Myself-1/10

This is a closing song that has no substance, boring vocals and beats, and overall one that you will not remember. 

There were six songs on this album that were not reviewed because they were previously released singles which he did on his other two albums as well. The overall rating for Hollywood’s Bleeding is a 7/10. Post Malone created some masterpieces, but others completely fell off; however, this album is a listen to must.