Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling Review

Lexi Kincaid

90s nostalgia is taking over everywhere. The classic 90’s Nickelodeon show Rocko’s modern life has gotten a short movie reboot on Netflix. Released August 9th, 2019, the new movie follows Rocko and friends as they travel back to earth in the 21st century. After he finds out his favorite show has been cancelled, Rocko and friends go on an adventure to bring it back on air. They also explore the spectacular innovations of the 21st century 

Static Cling continues to keep the light-hearted and goofy attitude and wacky cartoon style of the classic cartoon. However, static cling dealt with modern

issues. Rocko’s friends quickly became obsessed with the technology, leaving Rocko to figure out his problem alone. It portrayed the rather indifferent attitude most people have toward each other due to the constant attachment to our phones. Another issue it dealt with was trans-phobia. SPOILER ALERT The creator of Rocko’s favorite show, Ralph (Rachel) Bighead, comes out as transgender. They due this in a very tasteful way, not making it a random addition or dismissing it quickly after, but instead they make it an important part of his character (without making it his only character trait). Mr.Bighead, Ralph’s father,  isn’t accepting of his daughter and he gets rather angry, until Rocko makes him realize his daughter is still his daughter. This portrayed a very real-life scenario that many trans youths face. I personally feel it was done really well and kept the story going.  

Overall, this ironic reboot was a sweet family-friendly reboot surely to bring you back the  90’s, while keeping a current premise.