Model Un

Ryan Tautz

Hello Dakota students, if you are interested in politics, diplomacy, and the United Nations, then you can join the Model UN Club. In Model Un, you represent a nation and discuss a variety of topics, such as natural disasters, economics around the world, weapons of mass destruction… and many many more topics that occur around the world.  

The Dakota Model UN club is run by Ms. Lukens and Mr. Voss, in the 9th grade center. It meets every week during the year, and they usually have a practice event during the summer. The club also goes to a couple state wide competitions, that Dakota was won a trophy from. 

In this reporter’s experience Model UN is a fun club, filled with many kinds of students with a huge variety of personalities. From weekly club meetings to competitions,  you will meet so many people and make a large amounts of friends and acquaintances. It is also instrumental in developing public speaking skills.