I Asked Kids What They Wanted For Christmas So You Don’t Have To

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I Asked Kids What They Wanted For Christmas So You Don’t Have To

Samantha Vasseur, Managing Editor

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I asked 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders what they want for Christmas so you don’t have to.

Kids now a days are different from when you and I were kids and the new craze is technology so heads-up, there’s a lot of it.

I put together a list perfect for any type of kid.


For all the tech kids they are loving cameras, iPhones, iPads, iPods, laptops, TVs, PS4, XBOX,and much more. But not all parents want their 8 year old having access to an iPhone so I put together a list of some electronics that are and can be kid friendly.

For the tech kids

LG GizmoPal 2 – This is the ultimate gift for your child that is a gift for you too. The GizmoPal is a GPS and phone all built into a watch. Now you won’t worry about your kid the next time they go on a play date. 

iPod– Just in case you still want to get them an Apple device I suggest an iPod. They can access all the games and YouTube they want without accidentally calling the police. Here’s two article on how to make them more kid friendly and what to do before you give one to your kids.

Nintendo Switch– Almost every boy I  interviewed wanted one. You can take them everywhere you go and can even get Fornite (Free), Mario Cart, Super Smash Bros, Minecraft, and more. 

NHL 19 for PS4 or Xbox– Hockey fans will love this game and its available for both of your gaming systems.

NBA 19 for PS4 or Xbox– This games is the ultimate game of basketball without actually moving your legs.

FIFA 19 for PS4 or Xbox– Kids love soccer  so why not have them play the game on the TV too.


Let your kid unleash their inner artist with all of these fun artsy gifts.

For any artistic kids

Waterproof Digital Camera–  If your kid wants a camera I  suggest getting this camera its under $50 and is waterproof  the best starter camera for any artsy kid. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9– If your kid wants more of an Instagram worthy camera the Instax camera is a must. This Kit comes with a case and different accessories too for them too enjoy.

Beginner Paint Kit– This kit it comes with 12 different colors and 3 paint brushes. This is inexpensive and perfect for any little artist.

Beginner Drawing and Sketching Book–  This book helps your child with sketching and drawing with a stencil and pencils helping them get a head start on their future art career. 

Journal– You obviously love the Dakota Planet, and want your kid to be part of it one day too, so they gotta start somewhere.

Even though they might not be the first thing on their Christmas list kids still love getting fun old fashion toys. So here is a few of their favorites.

For the toy fanatics 

Legos– Legos are such a classic gift and if you’re fine with stepping through a war zone once in awhile then they’re a go to gift!

L.O.L Surprise!– L.O.L’s are basically just child gambling you either get the toy you want or you make your mom buy 10 more. They also come in small size perfect for stuffing stockings.

Star Wars Action Figures–  Any Star Wars fans will love this gift perfect for anyone.

Slime– Kids. Love. Slime. 

Hatchimals– These are birds that hatch themselves when you open the box and are super cute.

Squishes– I don’t know why kids are obsessed with squishy things now but trust me they are.

Not every kid can be a superstar athlete but with these gifts they just might be able to be.

For the sports stars

Hockey Mini Stick Set– These are perfect for practicing your hockey skills or just playing around with friends.

Soccer ball–  Your future soccer star will love this gift.

Gymnastics Mini Balance Beam– Let your gymnastic practice their  moves anywhere they go with this 4ft long balance beam.

Football– Your kid might just be Dakotas future quarterback with this gift.

Dance Shoes–  Yes dance is a sport  and yes your child will love it.

Honestly kids are just hard to shop for these gifts aren’t just for them they’re for you too shopping is just too stressful sometimes!

For the undecided kid

Amazon Gift Card– Getting any amazon gift card is like 2 gifts in one. The excitement of having a package in the mail  and the actual gift.

Visa Gift Card– You can get them anything from anywhere.

Special thanks to Mrs. Licari, Mr. Lewis, and the staff and students of Ojibwa Elementary for helping me put together this article.