The Question of Wisdom


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The Question of Wisdom


Those who speak with wisdom, are they wise or not? 

To preach of peace, yet to covet violence. 

Are all wise or are all unwise? 

Is their wisdom in ignorance? 

Is their wisdom in intelligence? 

Is it better to know all or to know nothing? 

Is wisdom a burden, for few listen to the wise? 

Or is wisdom a duty, a duty to teach? 

Why do the many ignore wise advice? 

Yet they listen to ignorant voices? 

Are the ignorant right or wrong? 

Is it wise to be right or wrong? 

What is the price of wisdom? 

Is the price trying to help others, 

 but be rejected in the attempt? 

Why do only the few achieve wisdom,  

Yet the many always seek their wisdom? 

Should the Wise even offer their wisdom? 

Are the wise even truly wise? 

Those who are wise preach of wisdom yet covet violence.