Holiday Gift Guide

Alyssa Taugher, Feature Editor

Shopping for the holidays can definitely a stressful thing most of us have to do, especially when you have no idea what someone will like or get good use out of. It is always nice to have some guidance with things like this:


Best gift ideas for girls (Mom, friend, sister, etc.)

A Scarf/Beanie/Fuzzy socks/Sweatshirt

Any girl would love any item that would keep her cozy for the winter season. Any of these would be the way to go for just that!


Who doesn’t love new shoes? Whether it be tennis shoes, boots, or sandals, they will be sure to get good use.


It is safe to say most girls wear and enjoy receiving new makeup to try. You’re in good shape if you just walk into any Ulta or Sephora.

Candles/Wall Flower/Perfume/Lotion

It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone loves things that smell good. It may be a “basic” gift, but no one ever complained!


Jewelry is always a nice gift to receive because you can wear it with anything, and there is so many different types: Fun, fancy, simple… the list goes on.


I can say first hand when your skin is in good shape, you feel 100 times more confident… so why not give someone the gift of beautiful skin?



Best for Men (Dad, brother, friend, etc.)


New pajamas/Lounge wear

Everyone wears pajamas or comfy clothes to relax in, so just add it right to their collection!

A speaker/new headphones 

Most people love listening to their music, so you can gift to them new ways they can do just that.


Who doesn’t love getting to wear new sunglasses, especially the perfect pair?


Just like the perfume for women, any man would like too smell good, so cologne obviously would be just the way to do that.

 A Watch 

Most the men that I know, love having a watch around their wrist. A new watch would be the perfect way to replace an old one, or maybe just add to the collection!

Shave kit 

It is not a secret that most, if not all, men have to shave, so why not give them a little kit with everything they need for it? Shave kits are great for traveling people too.