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Two Ends of the Spectrum: Teaching

Jillian Clonan, Feature Editor

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Teaching can be a challenging job that takes a lot of dedication and hard work to be successful in. To hear some insights about teaching I interviewed two teachers here at Dakota, one who is new and one who has worked here for many years, to see how their varying levels of experience may affect their answers.  Mr. Allaire is a social studies teacher- currently teaching AP Government, American Legal, and History of Motivation classes. He has been teaching at Dakota for 23 years. Ms. Slank is a new teacher at Dakota this year, but she has been teaching for eight years. She teaches Forensic Science and Chemistry.  


Question: In general, what do you think about Dakota and the entire school district? 

Allaire: I love it. Working here has been a great career for me, and I still enjoy my job very much.   

Slank: It’s really nice, I feel a good sense of community here. People are very helpful and welcoming.


Q: What is your favorite thing about teaching?  

A: Probably the relationships with the students. Seeing them grow and develop skills.  

S: When I see that light-bulb click on, you know, when a student finally understands something.


Q: What makes a student stand out to you?  

A: Their work ethic, and their passion for learning.  

S: It stands out when a student shows a lot of interest in the subject, and when they ask a lot of questions.

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Jillian Clonan, Feature Editor

Jillian is a senior at Dakota. This is her first year on the Dakota Planet and she is the Feature Editor. She is also involved in Key Club and Rosie Society,...

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Two Ends of the Spectrum: Teaching