Guest Column: Motivating Leadership

Joe Jaster, Guest Columnist

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Whether you believe it or not, you are more than capable of being a leader who can inspire and bring out the best in the people you interact with. Being a leader is not quite as difficult or as intimidating as the media or people you have talked with about it have made it seem. In fact, I would be willing to bet that you have acted as a leader and inspired a great deal of people without even knowing that you did it. That’s the funny thing about leadership – everybody seems to believe that they can’t be a leader or that they don’t have the “special” characteristics that you must be born with if you aspire to be a leader. However, it is simply not true and the truth of the matter is that anyone and everyone is capable of being a leader and bettering those around them, the true test and what really determines if someone can be a leader is their attitude and willingness to make it happen.

To show you just how coincidentally you can become a leader, I’ll tell you a personal story about myself. I spend a great deal of my time after school running as a member of the Dakota High School Cross Country team. However, I was unaware that my dedication to putting forth my best effort and being the best that I can possibly had on the newer, younger runners until I was told by one of their parents the profound impact I had on him. It was a really great moment for me, since I viewed it as a moment where I finally transitioned from a member of the team to something more – something that coach had been wanting me to do for quite some time beforehand. Anyway, the story just goes to show that you can be leading and inspiring others when you have no intention of doing anything of that sort – humans are just funny and we happen to work that way. Just remember that someone might always be watching you, taking inspiration and lessons from everything you’ve done. Remember that the next time you think you’re incapable of leadership