13 Reasons Why

Megan B.

The creators of 13 Reasons Why dropped a second season on May 18.
Following the drop, there has been even more controversy about the show.
The scene that raised flags in the first season contained rape, and in the second the scene in question includes sexual assault.
My view point on 13 Reasons Why is that it is a great show. For those who don’t get bullied at school, it shows how much a person that does get bullied is affected by other people’s actions. This show’s intention is to raise awareness of how devastating bullying is for many, and encouraging others to step up and help if they witness any bullying altercations.
A good thing about the show is that it teaches kids how high school really works. It’s not like the other movies that portray high school as constant fun! This helps us realize that life isn’t all “peach’s and roses”. When walking through the halls of high schools, you never notice how many people get bullied. And if someone does get bullied, most people simply walk past them.
This show helps people open their minds to things they never would’ve taken a second glance at. Even though it has some graphic scenes, the bullied characters could your  friend or a classmate.