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Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas for friends. boyfriend. girlfriend, or yourself.

Brooklynn Fergerson, Entertainment Editor

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                                            VALENTINE’S DAY GIFTS IDEAS


Valentine’s Gifts Ideas your friends:


Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for your friend should be simply but cute. You can buy an adorable

Valentine’s Day card along with candy. You can make a candy bouquet.











If you’re feeling created and want to do a DIY then you can use a  cute basket

to your own liking and decorate it.  You can put candy, sweets,a card, etc..

If you’re feeling very created then you can get a bottle, decorate it and put

a cute little note in the bottle.





Another DIY creation is using a decorated mason jar and putting candy in it. It’s simply but created.








Valentine’s Gifts for him and her:



Valentine’s Day for couple can either simply and sweet or the most stressful day of your life.

Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for boyfriend is sweet and simply. If you want to be meaningful remind him

of the amazing times you guys shared together. You can use picture if those times you guys

spend as a part of your gift.





Balloons: Balloons re a must have. If you think your gift is missing

something , get BALLOONS!

Balloons ties every gift together.





For the Boyfriend Valentine’s Day is a very stressful day.


One mistake and it can be Over. Just remember to be over the top and MEANINGFUL.

Your gift has to be meaningful.






Valentine’s Day ideas for Sweet Lovers:


Valentine’s Day is the day of chocolate. If yours Valentine love sweet then here are some ideas,

First you can buy or make cookies.

Second you can buy or make donuts. Everyone loves donuts.

You can also make or buy brownies, cakes, etc… And remember its ok if you can’t bake,

you can just buy the items, No ones judging. Well I hope not.

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