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The History of Valentines Day

Christopher Wiebe

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History of Valentine’s Day 

As many already know, Valentine’s day is the day we share our love with our significant others. Long ago, Valentine’s day was also called Saint Valentine’s Day, or Feast of Saint Valentine’s Day. This day, February 14th, gained its name from Saint Valentinus, a roman saint. Although we know of him, there is very little information kept about him, and the day is sometimes associated with the poet Geoffrey Chaucer because the themes of marriage and love were prevalent in his writings. St. Valentine was said to have cut hearts from paper and given them to people to remind them of their vows, which is one theory about why they appear so much during Valentine’s day. 

Valentine’s Day in Modern Culture 

Similar to the themes of love seen surrounding Valentine’s day in history, the themes in modern day culture are relatively unchanged. Valentine’s day still focuses on the love between two people and how it is displayed. Popular ideas for showing love during Valentine’s day is to buy your significant other items that in some way show their affection. Valentine’s day is one of the few days revolving around the love between people, do make sure not to waste it! 

Valentine’s Day in the Future 

At this point in time, Valentine’s day seems to be a permanent concept. It’s possible we could see crazier Valentine’s traditions being created by those who really want to show their affection for their significant other. Businesses such as Hersheys will probably continue to shelve their V-Day themed chocolates two months before (and after) the actual holiday is over. Personally, I predict that other businesses will grasp on to the V-Day frenzy to gain higher profit margins. One such example of this would be the heart shaped pizza at Pizza Hut. Regardless of what the future of Valentine’s day holds, we can assume the idea to remain unchanged. 

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The History of Valentines Day