Simple Life of a Star

Simple Life of a Star

Oh, what a life stars have.

Not Hollywood stars that you see on the movie screen

But the little, tiny specs in the sky.

I am jealous of a little dot

That is four thousand light years away.

A little ball of gas.


They quietly sit in the night sky,

But they are so easily admirable.

They don’t even have to speak to be loved.


They are pretty and fascinating to the eye.


I am jealous of something that I can’t even touch.

Jealous of their simple life

And how much beauty they express.


I wish I could be a star.


Stars and people are similar in a way,

we are both just little specks in other people’s eyes.


But still, all I feel is jealousy.

Because at least stars are beautiful.

They live a simple life,

No hardships no pain.


They don’t have to work so hard to be loved.

People just casually look up into the night sky on a walk

and begin to think wow…

The sky looks so pretty,

The stars are so cool,

What a pretty world we live in.


That’s exactly what happened when I realized

How jealous I am of a star

How did I so quickly decide that a star was so beautiful,

I don’t know anything about the stars.

All I know is that I want to become one…

I want to be admired as if I were a star.