The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2


The Summer I Turned Pretty is a TV series that was created based on “The Summer I Turned Pretty” books that have been released in the past. The storyline focuses on a fifteen-year-old girl who goes by the nickname Belly. Every summer, every year, she, her brother Steven, and her mom, Laurel, would visit her mother’s best friend, Susannah’s, house on Cousins Beach. When Belly returns looking brand new and grown, she begins to receive more male attention than ever before.  

The first season began when Belly was getting packed to spend her summer in Cousins Beach as her best friend, Taylor, encouraged her that she should make a move on the boy she had been crushing on for years, Conrad. Belly and Conrad had practically grown up together along with Conrad’s brother, Jeremiah. The summer in which the season took place, both Conrad and Jeremiah were deeply attracted to Belly, and they showed it through their actions in each episode.  

The first night Belly arrives at Cousins Beach, she sneaks off to a bonfire on the beach that Steven, Conrad, and Jeremiah had gone to without her. After arguing with Steven and Conrad, a boy named Cam approaches her, who finds her sitting alone on the sand. Quickly into their conversation they realize that they had known each other from summers before. Belly found herself being jealous of the boys’ relationships and how busy their summer would be while also having jobs, so she decides to begin a relationship with Cam that did not last very long.  

Susannah recognized that Belly was bored and encouraged her to sign up for the debutante ball which would later cause problems in her relationship with Conrad and Jeremiah. Troubles occurred throughout each episode in the season including Susannah telling Laurel that her husband had cheated on her during chemotherapy. This was the main reason Conrad had been acting so distant all summer, that along with being suspicious of his mother, he knew that something was wrong.   

The first season ended with the final debutante ball where Susannah’s secret was revealed to her children along with Belly and Steven, leaving the audience questioning what will happen next summer.  

The first three episodes of season two are said to be released on July 14th on Prime Video. As of right now, no trailers or videos have been released talking about season two and what might take place in the upcoming episodes. This second season will be based on the book, “It’s Not Summer Without You,” and a summary has been released by Prime video.  

The summary states that instead of Belly counting down the days until returning to Cousins Beach she is actually dreading them. Because she left after hearing that Susannah’s cancer had returned and Conrad and Jeremiah fighting over her, she truly did not know what to expect. The season is expected to take a turn when an unwanted guest arrives at the home and threatens to take it away. This is where everyone needs to come back together and show that they can get what they want.  



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