Sunken Poetry (Part 8) The Finale


Living in the simplest manner 

I am fufilling my cravings 

I am bathing in the sun 

I am kissing the moon goodnight 

The stars whisper that it will all be okay 

I surround myself in grass  

I keep picking every flower I see 

Vases fill empty corners of my room 

Everything still reminds me of you 

I am doing everything we did  

Just without you  

I miss writing and drinking my tea 

I miss the feeling of my cat at my feet 

I realize that I have a dream 

Idream of simplicity 

To live my life to the fullest  

To not fill my life with people 

 Who do not care for me 

Although I miss you  

I am still drinking out of the mug your mother gave me 

Your jacket still has a spot in my closet 

I stare at the wall  

Which stands empty  

Now that I took your paintings down 

I wont go crazy and wish bad upon you 

Just send me a letter 

I will write back I promise 

8 am 

The sun has risen 

My sheets are warm 

My arms are empty 

I wish you could have stayed for a cup of coffee 

I made breakfast and made sure to cut your toast into triangles 

I know you do not like it any other way 

I wish you could have said goodbye 

Or left a letter by the coffee pot 

I am all alone 

Drinking two cups of coffee 

One for me 

One for you 

Your secrets hold a place in my body 

I know things about you  

Nobody elese knows 

We share secrets in the dark 

Under the blanket 

It feels like a fortress 

Although the secrets have begun to fade 

I still remember your embarresing secrets 

I rember your favorite number 

The ringtones you hate 

I rember that you are secretly in love with someone else 


You never told me that secret 

I hold that in my heart 

Hoping it was not true 

Can we go back to sharing secrets 

Under the sheets 

We can make a bigger fort  

This time I will tell you mine I now know 

I never was a morning person 

Until the moring I woke up with you 

You opened the curtains  

Faced the sun 

And waited for me to wake up 

You made me breakfast in bed 

You always made me drink plenty of water 

Fed me all my vitamins and medicine for the day 

Held my hand when I was getting a shot 

Kissed my knee when I fell 

You were so gentle to me 

I am beyond grateful to have you 

I am blessed to lay beside you 

You have protected me from anything bad 

You have helped me get back on my feet 

You make sure to check in 

 When I had a rough mental health day 

Or just to say hello 

I will never forget the day you said I love you 

Or the moment you held my hand 

I cry the happiest of tears 

I am one with the earth 

The sun on my skin fills my whole body with energy 

The feeling of the summer breeze  

Random bike rides that take me to places 

 I have never been before 

True happieness is when I can run 

I will run free into an empty field 

Rolling around in the grass  

Hugging trees and knowing 

I am the whole universe 

I am the sun 

I am the moon 

I am the soil I step on 

Soon I will write stories of the future 

I will write a book  

I will discuss the good 

The bad 

And the ugliest of times 

I will enlighten others of what it is like to have a broken heart 

What it is like to be alone  

What it felt like when you left 

But the beuty in growth 

The feeling of buying yourself fresh roses 

Putting on your favorite dress on a random tuesday 

Buying groceries for yourself 

Filling my heart with love from those who love me too 

I hope you learn something from me 

We all grow 

Just not together sometimes 

Complete clutter  

A mess 

A disaster 

I feel so tired 

Taking care of your caretaker 

I wish to live alone 

To re-learn self care again 

I will never understand how I got through what I did 

I want there to be other methods 

I do not want to hid my true life 

I do not want to run 

I must stand up and face my fears 

I deserve a day to re-learn 

How to love myself again