How Dangerous is AI?

How Dangerous is AI?

The evolution of technology is a longitude process; for centuries the world has been building on its past. Evolution is happening all around us and every second, but with something as big as artificial intelligence (AI) there are going to be some issues constructed. Some may even question if AI is physically dangerous to individuals.

ChatGPT is a form of artificial intelligence that most people are aware of; there is more access to it than ever before. According to Swiss Bank UBS it has had 100 million users in just the month of January: only two months after its release. ChatGPT uses AI to create a fluid, human-like conversation between technology and a real person. It has the ability to answer and ask questions, show emotions such as sympathy and assist in any way. AI is now beginning to be a part of everyone’s everyday life, and it is no longer an anomaly to mankind.

Education is a major subject that will be harmfully affected by artificial intelligence and ChatGPT tools. There will be a loss of creativity and cognitive skills, which will be widespread. On top of that, there will be an increase in cheating; AI can now generate full essays. The use of AI on an essay can easily be detected. The plagiarism site, Turnitin, can detect AI usage. Many students are aware of this feature but still show no care. Some believe they will be able to move around it and go undetected by their teachers. The feature can determine the number of sentences that may have been created by AI with a high chance of accuracy. There are some flaws in the detection feature, but it will continue to get better over time. This feature is a way that will minimize the use of AI in education.

If the use of artificial intelligence becomes more common students will begin to stop thinking for themselves in the classroom. They will lose the purpose of learning. Altering the future of education.

In school people are taught language and literature skills by writing on their own and using their own brain. When writing people learn structure types, grammar, advance their vocab, etc. With the use of AI people will have less practice with these skills making people less intelligent. The use of AI in assignments also destroys morals and honor codes. When people use AI on documents and claim it as their work it is considered cheating and plagiarism. This is dishonesty and goes against honor code standards.

A person’s writing showcases their identity through their diction and tone. With the use of AI, that personality disappears, and writing becomes robotic. If a person uses AI, their writing is no longer theirs and they present themselves as something that is not them to their audience. Ruining the point of expression through literature.

Some preventions have had to be made in the classroom. A professor at Northern Michigan University requires his students to “write first drafts of their essays in the classroom, using browsing monitors”, then for their revisions the professor has the students explain each revision (Katzman. New York Times Upfront). There are ways that teachers can move around this new technology. Like using AI detection, changing the way of doing assignments, and punishing those who noticeably use it.

Though some students love the new AI features, but there are some that dislike it and don’t understand why it is so popular. A student from Dakota high school said, “I personally am not a fan of the AI on Snapchat. It bothers me that I can’t get rid of it, and it worries me about what information it could be taking from me. Overall, it makes me super uncomfortable, and I feel like it is always keeping tabs of what I am saying and doing. It feels like an invasion of privacy.” What AI can actually do is unknown.

There may be some benefits that will come from artificial intelligence and ChatGPT. If you use it responsibly and ethically it erases the possible negative outcomes. It can be helpful to create conversations, if you need help with something, or just for fun. But the way people have become irresponsible with it is what has created negative opinions on Artificial Intelligence. Misuse and misinterpretations have caused a debate on if artificial intelligence is safe to use.

AI usage can ruin real intelligence as artificial intelligence grows stronger. Making people work less hard to achieve things and stop the use of their fluid intelligence. People are using AI as a way to just get their work done so they don’t have to worry about actually doing their work. With this new development people need to think about the dangers it will cause and how we will have to work around them and solve them.