Sunken Poetry (Part 6)


I ran away 

I ran away from home  

From a place I would call home 

I was awoken by screeches from the man downstairs 

The man that yells 

And huffs  

And puffs 

Soon he will blow the house down 

His name was dad 

Dad wasn’t always the kindest 

He tried his hardest to keep the house together 

He would knock so gently it would frighten me 

He would exchange sorry for a hug 

I would never fully forgive him  

But just enough to get rid of the tension 

Dad always said he never meant it 

Although the words he yelled began to poke holes through my chest 

You could see right through me 

Soon there was nothing to poke out anymore 

I disintegrated and I never went back home 

Or to a place I wanted to call home 

The house was in shambles and the holes became a nightmare 

I no longer had to live 

Empty and you could see through me  

Losing someone 

Recently I had lost you 

Physically you were taken from me 

I remember the last time we called  

You had told me about your life 

You lost your battle 

You no longer gave me your time 

I stopped reaching out and pushed away my effort  

But the day I found out I had lost you 

I regret everything 

I miss hearing your voice 

You are not lost forever 

An unknown figure 

There was an unknown figure that lurked through the night 

The figure was tall and wide  

It reminded me of my father who had passed not too long ago 

My mother always steered me away from the subject 

I could never wrap my head around the topic  

So when I would see the figure I wondered why 

I grabbed my flashlight one night and shined it towards the figure 

Standing there 

Was a tall man 

With very little hair 

A sad look on his face  

On his shirt spelled out  


This is really me 

I was always critiqued as a little girl 

My shoulders were not up  

My posture wasn’t straight 

And my legs would shake 

I needed to pay attention more 

Stop asking so many questions 

Speak up more since they could not hear my voice 

Prestine and perfect 

I was a smart little girl with no worries 

Now time has changed 

I still don’t sit perfect 

My shoulders are not tall 

My mouth is covered in metal 

I cut my long hair 

I started to listen to heavy metal 

This is the true me mom 

Don’t you see 

Little glass girl 

There was a girl made of glass 

She had the smoothest figure  

And held everything in her well 

She never overflowed or broke 

When a man touched her she would crack 

Each time she had one more crack than normal 

Until she broke in the hands of a torn down man 

He was at fault for her silhouette not being so delicate and pure 

Shards of glass covered the hands of a guilty man