For the Earth


Catherine Twomey

Blue Marbel Earth Acrylic Painting

For the exquisite and fragile sphere we live upon

the large blots of green casing the blue of your ocean,

I cherish and pity you all at once

the pain we humans inflict upon you

yet it feels only a select few care.


The shelter and warmth you bring onto us

you’d assume we would return the care,

but in the eyes of many

your worth and work is insignificant.


With all of your grace and beauty

all yet to be discovered

I wish you experienced the love we once gave,

and how the bonds that hold our world together

shatter with you not here.


Twenty-two days into April

we celebrate your worth,

and work and learn to ensure

that you never go.


I adore you.

I hope that within the following years

we will all work towards your recovery.

For you are slowly dying,

along with all your beauty and grace.


I pity you, Earth.

For you have worked far too hard,

shown far too much kindness to us.


In return you gain pain.

Incessant pain.

For the world envies you Earth.



Endless amounts of love.

Arduously working towards the better.

Relishing in the beauty that you have.

Tackling the obsticales you are given.

Helping. Us. All.


I adore you and pity you all at once.

For the Earth is beacon of hope and love

and kindness and hospitatlity that is given

by no other being.


Only on Earth,

can we truely ensure that generations will live on,

that your resolution will never spark

that happiness and tranquility can only be brought

by returning the kindness you have given.


To me, you are magnificent.

A phenomenon like no other,

and it would bring great shame upon us all

if you were to fall apart.


For we, and only we

will bring upon your undoing.


For the Earth in such a vast galaxy,

do I wish nothing but for your beauty

and kindness to remain and grow.