How Teachers Express Themselves

Classrooms are where students spend their time at school- and to ensure that those students are in a comfortable and positive environment, it’s up to teachers to decorate their rooms! Some of us from the Dakota Planet went around and took pictures of some of the best classrooms at our school- and interviewed the teachers behind the design. The teachers explained how they express themselves through their classrooms, and what they do to make it their own. Let’s look at some of those: 

“I spend more time in my classroom than anyone, and I’d like to be benevolent and say it’s for the kids, and it is, but it’s also for me. It’s depressing to look at beige all day. I like kids to come in and feel relaxed. I like to hang up student work too, and students are the ones that painted my walls. I also like to add a little goth stuff, I’m a goth at heart- so I have a ton of skulls.” – Mrs. Sarver

“I like to express myself through my BTS poster. -Mr. Morrow

“I want every student, no matter who they are, to feel like they connect to something in here. It needs to be a safe space for everyone. And some of it I just like. – Mrs. Skrocki

The walls are so bland, I wanted something positive and inspirational to look at- I have a lot of quotes. Then I have a lot of seniors, so I have many decorations with senior vibes. And I love Starbucks! I definitely just wanted something cheerful.” – Mrs. Grimm

“I still have most of the decorations from the previous teacher, and then I added some more Beatles, Batman and MSU – Mr. Mcleod

 “I want to create an environment that showcases my interests, so students know who I am. And a sort of break from academics, I don’t want to just put up a ton of science posters. Just less drab – Mr. Pojeta

 “My favorite part of my classroom is my severed foot hall pass. It makes everyone laugh, and no one ever mixes it up with another class’s hall pass. That and all the students work on the walls- it’s nice for the students to see what they’ve done throughout the year and feel proud. If you look to the left of my room, I have the Big Talk Tuesday wall, where my students can answer a different question each week. It is very interesting seeing my kids are thinking about.”  – Mrs. Tancredi

 I would say student artwork helps students to feel included in my classroom. Motivational posters set the tone for high expectations. I have artwork that speaks to me, and hopefully inspires students to fine their own passions and interest in like – Mrs. Colella

“The students inspire me because I want the room to be theirs more than I want it to be mine” – Mr. Bilof

Just like how students learn differently with every teacher, each teacher and their personality shines through uniquely in their room. Dakota has a great group of teachers and just stepping into their classroom can be a window into their personality.