Meaning in the Little Things

Meaning in the Little Things

Little things could hold so much meaning to one person,

but could have such little meaning to another.

People move through life placing importance and value on miscellaneous things.

Numbers, objects, ideas, and sayings.

Everyone’s values are different, and every value has an origin story.


“I love you to the moon and stars”

Its origin began from a book I love.

A book that my closest friends then read.

Now it is something I say to the people I love the most.

And they say it back to me.


“Kisses, loves, hugs”

My friend, Mya, started saying this to me.

Her grandpa has said it to her since she was a little kid.

She now says it to the ones she loves continuously.

Causing people like me to also say it to the ones I love.


“Drive safe”

My friends and I carpool 4 times a week.

This is said constantly,

as one departs from the car.

As a way of goodbye and a way of safety.

We are protective of each other.

We want to know that they will be there for the next car ride.



Two numbers that hold so much value to me but to others, not so much.

My grandpa born on February 21st

Now he is gone.

My grandma born on December 12th

Still here,

But grieving her opposite number.

Her most valued companion.


These little sayings spread throughout people and the importance moves along loved ones.

It becomes a tradition between people. One that only they will understand.