Shadow and Bone S2 Release and Review


Shadow and Bone S2 is out now on Netflix!! For those of who don’t know, Shadow and Bone is the first of three books in the triology written by Leigh Bardugo. A series following Alina Starkov, an orphan mapmaker, as she fights against conspiring dark forces when she discovers her extraordinary power that will change the fate of her war-torn country. The triology, Shadow and Bone, as well as Leigh Bardugo’s duology, Six of Crows, go hand in hand, taking place within the Grishaverse. The show, despite many feeling that they should be separated, incorporates the storylines from both books based on the event orders.  I know, its super confusing.

The novel, first released on May 3, 2012, recently rose to popularity due to BookTok and Bookstagram, though it has been a favorite for many long before. Netflix announced the adaptation of the book on January 10, 2019, giving the production series an order for an eight-episode first season. Upon its release on April 23, 2021, fans realized that the show, even from its very first season, is quite different compared to the ordering of the books. Despite this, the show skyrocketed to popularity, spending its first 12 days on the Top 10 charts.

Over the past two years, since the first seasons release, the show has won many peoples’ hearts and had grown in popularity throughout the book community, inspiring many people, including myself, to read the series for the first time. On June 7, 2021, Netflix announced its renewal for a second season of Shadow and Bone, exciting readers and prompting thousands to rewatch the first season to prepare for what’s to come. Through the wait, Shadow and Bones official instagram account posted teasers as well as revealed the official release date and new characters for season 2.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 came out on March 16, and all I can say is that it’s amazing. As someone who had never read the series, the news of season two being confirmed and the convincing of some friends prompted me to start the series. On the day of release, I watched both S1 and S2, and I completely understand the hype. The cast, the script, the locations, were all perfect and were exactly how I imagined them to be while reading the books. I suggest reading the books before watching the show, though it really isn’t required since a lot of parts were missing and mixed around. Overall, I definitely suggest watching the show if you like anything with fantasy, action, and drama! And if my own personal opinion doesn’t convince you to watch the show, here are some reviews from people our school and nationally:

“S&B season 2 was riveting to watch, and while I can’t speak to the accuracy of the books since I haven’t finished all of them myself, I believe that the show was beautifully directed with an amazing emphasis on costume detailing!”- Sumya, Texas

“I loved the books so I was very excited when I heard the show was coming out! I really liked Season One but Season 2 was even better than the first.”- Chloe, 12th Grade

“Season 2 of Shadow and Bone was amazing to say the least. I have read the whole book series including the Six of Crows duology, and though season 2 may not follow the exact plot (seeing a two books were combined together) they made it come out perfectly. With some plot points changed and character development seen it was overall so fun to watch.”- Madison, North Carolina

In addition to the release of season 2, demands for season 3 and a Six of Crows spin-off-series have arisen. Shadow and Bones season 3 depends on season 2’s performance, as well as a potential Six of Crows spin-off series, meaning  a lot of pressure is being put on season 2 than usual. Having that the production of Shadow and Bone is really popular, expenses are most likely even higher. S0, go check out Shadow and Bone S2 on Netflix if you haven’t done so already! And if you have, rewatch the show if you want S3!!