Leveling Up: Dakota’s Media Center Remodel!



The new media center will be ready in time for the 2023-2024 school year.

Students attending Dakota in the upcoming school year will have something really big to look forward to. The media center will be undergoing a large transformation to provide students with a new and improved place to study and hangout! Among the changes, are upgraded furniture, additional technology, and an updated layout of the media center. Here are the details that are known so far: 

One of the biggest changes coming to Dakota’s media center is the furniture. Currently, the furniture consists mostly of multiple wooden tables scattered throughout the room, with four chairs to each table. While they are a great place to study or relax, the new plans are even better! The new furniture will take all sorts of different forms, such as cup-shaped chairs, high-style chairs, and even a zigzag couch! Students looking for a place to study with their friends will also be able to take advantage of the planned “collaboration spaces.” These spaces consist of tables positioned along the room’s walls with about four chairs at each table. Each of these spots will have a screen attached to the wall above the table, which students will be able to use. In addition, there will be a charging zone at each table, making the collaboration spaces convenient areas for students to keep their laptops charged while studying. A change in the current carpeting is to be anticipated as well, but the exact type and style of the flooring is unknown at the moment. However, it is expected to be something that will pair well with the green and blue shades of the new furniture. 

Aside from the furnishing, the media center’s layout will be altered as well, making room for new additions. One of these will be a café. That’s right, Dakota is getting its very own Starbucks! Ok, the upcoming café will not technically be a Starbucks, but the idea is essentially the same. The café will be a place for students to order various coffee drinks, and potentially food items as well, though not much is known about that matter at this time. Within the café, there will be some high-style chairs, so students can enjoy their coffee in comfort. Another one of the library’s potential additions is a room dedicated to arts-and-crafts. If added, it will be a place for students to work on various creative projects, and have access to some art supplies. One of the current ideas for the room is the idea of putting in a sewing machine for student use, but plans for that are not completely set in stone at this point in time. Finally, in order to make room for the updated furniture and the café, the bookshelves will be moved around as needed. But, there is no need to worry. Students seeking to check out a book from the library will always be able to do so. 

The thought of an entire overhaul of the media center is certainly exciting, and it will no doubt make an already amazing spot to hang out at Dakota, even more awesome!