New Attack on Titan Episode!

New Attack on Titan Episode!

Makayla Rayis, Writer

!Spoilers for new Attack on Titan episode!

The long awaited hour long episode of Attack on Titan has dropped. This hour long episode was packed with emotional, interesting, and jaw dropping moments for many fans. This is the first hour long episode dropped out of two. The next one does not have an official date but will be coming out in fall of 2023.

In this episode we see the continuation of the rumbling that started at the end of the last part of the season. As it continues to go on we see the new joined forces from both islands trying to stop this despite their best friend Eren being the cause of it. Whilst they go on with their plan, the rumbling starts heading towards them. We see the Commander, Hange, give up her title to Armin as she sacrifices herself to buy them time. This death became one of the most popular moments of the episode and a very emotional moment for fans. The team makes it out of there to go execute their plan. They go on the plane with limited fuel to get where they need. The team of Armin, Mikasa, Levi, Reiner, Pieck, Onyankopon, Jean, and Conny make it to Eren just in time to execute their plan. The end of the episode shows them jumping off the plane to stop Eren and everything he has caused. And it cuts off.

This episode to me was worth the wait. The animation and every detail was amazing and I can’t wait to see how the end of the show will turn out.