Food I ate in London!


Over midwinter break I visited London with my friend and the food was definitely one of our favorite parts of our whole trip.  The amount of different cuisines that you can try all over London makes it well worth a visit.  


I really wanted fish and chips while we were in London, so it was one of our first stops. Fish! is in Borough Market and there’s a restaurant and also a place where you can take it to-go. I got cod fish and chips, and it came with mushy peas and tartar sauce. The fish and chips were very good and surprisingly I enjoyed the mushy peas.  

Bill’s Restaurant & Bar

For brunch one morning we headed to Bill’s. The interior was very eclectic and fun with mismatched chairs and dishes. I ordered a 3-buttermilk pancake fruit stack and a sausage roll. The food came out quickly and was plated nicely. The pancakes were something sweet that I was craving, and the sausage was savory.  

Masala Zone 

My friend and I both like Indian cuisine, so we decided that it was worth a try to find some in London, and it did not disappoint. We luckily got into Masala Zone without having a reservation by sitting at the bar area. We both ordered butter chicken with garlic naan. It was classic and delicious.  


I have looked everywhere to try and find the name of the place that we were at where we got the food shown in the picture, but I sadly can’t find it online. It was a little restaurant in SoHo, London and the food and service were wonderful. I don’t exactly remember what I ordered but it was very good.