On Valentine’s Day, you are typically not expecting chicken nuggets in a heart shaped tray from your significant other, but I am sure that is not something anyone would be upset about. When people think of this day, they think of a romantic holiday beginning with flowers and ending with an intimate candlelight dinner. Chick fil-A is breaking this tradition by making a way to have their fast-food come across as not only romantic but also thoughtful.  

Starting January 23rd, you have had the opportunity to do so by purchasing the Chick fil-A heart trays. Instead of all Valentines festivities ending on February 15th,  you now have until February 25th to purchase these trays that can be filled with your choice of a thirty count Chick fil-A nugget, a ten count of Chick-n-Minis, a six count of Chocolate Chunk Cookies, or twelve Chocolate Fudge Brownie halves. Since the Chick-n-Minis are considered a breakfast item, they will only be served until 10:30 AM.  

The Chick fil-A nugget tray is $16.19, the Chick-n-Minis tray is $11.09, the Chocolate Chunk Cookies tray is $8.69, and the Chocolate Fudge Brownie halves tray is $12.90 although the prices may vary depending on the location. It is important to consider that not all Chick fil-As are serving the heart trays and they can be ordered through various food delivery apps and purchased in person.  

Do not forget to order one of these Valentine’s items next time you visit Chick-fil-A.  


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