Super Bowl LVII Commercials

Super Bowl LVII Commercials

Everyone loves to watch the Super Bowl. They love the game, the halftime show, but most of all they love the commercials. This year we had so many interesting, fun, and argument starting commercials. Super Bowl commercials keep the entertainment going on even when we are not watching the football game

Let’s get into some of our favorite commercials:

PopCorners-Breaking Good

One of the most viewed commercials of the Super Bowl featured a call back of one of the most popular tv shows ‘Breaking Bad’. They had the main characters Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, and Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston. They have another familiar face from the show, Tuco Salamanca played by Raymond Cruz. They recreated scenes they had in the show to make it advertise PopCorners and people loved it.

Tubi/Interface Interruption

People all over the world watching this commercial freaked out. The reason is this ad fooled viewers by making it looked like they were back from commercial break showing the Super Bowl announcers. Instead it looked like the channel was being changed to Tubi on their streaming platform. There are videos all around socia; media of people freaking out then realizing they had been fooled.


T-Mobile made many people feel nostalgia with this ad. It featured John Travolta, who starred in ‘Grease’ more than 40 years ago. He sung the musicals hit, “Summer Nights,” with new lyrics talking about the brands capabilities.

Netflix/Gm ad

This humorous ad featuring Will Ferrell for Netflix/GM scored an “A” from the Kellogg School. People love Will Ferrell so this became a popular ad among a lot of people.