Casting for It Ends with Us Movie

Casting for It Ends with Us Movie

Collen Hoover is an uprising author who many people know and love. Her popular romance book It Ends with Us announced a movie adaptation a couple years back. Her readers have been on their toes wondering who will play the characters that they all know and love. On January 26th, 2023, Collen Hoover announced the actor and actress that will be playing the two out of the three main characters.

Blake Lively will be playing Lily Bloom and Justin Baldoni will be playing Ryle Kincaid. These actors will have to dig deep into an emotional role to get the story across.

Justin Baldoni is known for his role in the television show Jane the Virgin, and he directed the movie Five Feet Apart. As well as being an actor in the It Ends with Us movie, Baldoni is the director of the movie alongside Collen.

Blake Lively is know for her role in TV show Gossip Girl and the movie Age of Adaline. To play the role of Lily, Blake Lively had to dye her hair red to fit the part.

The readers opinions on Collen’s new announcement varied. Some were very excited, others not so much. People had images of the characters in their head and were bummed to find out that the actors weren’t what they imagined when reading.

The author, Collen Hoover, chose who she deemed a perfect fit for the roles. It is a hard task to fit every one’s personal image of the characters.

People are still curious to find out the actor that will be playing Atlas Corrigan, who is Lily’s childhood love. As well as people are awaiting to find out the actors that will play the younger versions of Lily and Atlas, or if Blake Lively will play both versions of herself.

Here are some student’s opinions on the topic:

“I think that Blake Lively is a very mature actor and feel like they need to be younger.”

“Collen did not listen to any of her fans and what they wanted. The characters are too old, everyone imagined them to be more like kids.”

“I’m excited cause I feel they can fulfill the roles just wish they were younger.”

“I love Blake Lively, and I think she is a perfect fit for the main character! They are so similar, and she is just how I saw her.”

“I really like that they chose Blake Lively because she an amazing actress. She will play the emotional part perfectly, but she doesn’t fit the age range of the character. Also, they need to dye her hair red or else I will be upset. The guy playing Ryle, Justin Baldoni, in my opinion does not fit the description I was imagining in my head, and he also doesn’t fit the age range.”

“I hated the book, but I am still going to see the movie.”

“I saw someone was playing Ryle I don’t know who, but I don’t like him for Ryle.”

“I mean I like the cast I think it’s good, but I don’t see Justin Baldoni as a good fit for Ryle.”