Cult Classic Films


Everyone loves movies! Whether they be Comedy, Horror, or Romance, there is always a movie out there that is ready to be claimed as someone’s favorite. Even the movies that failed when they were first released, still have a few people who favor them. Cult Classics, for those who don’t know, are movies that flopped upon release but slowly became popular because small audiences liked them. And not many know that a lot of the most popular movies in the world, are Cult Classics! I present to you, cult classic films:

Pulp Fiction (1994)- Crime Fiction, Mafia, and Dark Comedy, contains some scenes that contain little violence and harsh language.

Kill Bill: Vol.1 (2003)- Crime Film, Martial Arts, and Thriller that contains some gore as well and maybe harsh language.

Donnie Darko (2001)- Horror, Mystery, and Psychological Thriller that contains some violence and harsh language.

Scarface (1983)- Mafia, Action, and Crime Film and has high levels of violence and harsh language.

Blade Runner (1982)- Cyberpunk, Science Fiction, and Tech noir that contains some violence and possibly harsh language.

Bicentennial Man (1999)- Science Fiction, Romance, and Comedy that contains humorous scenes that have violence.

Napoleon Dynamite (2004)- Comedy and Indie Film that contains mild violence and harsh language.

Hairspray (1988)- Musical, Romance, and Comedy that contains topics on racism (1962), body image, identity, and student activism.

Heathers (1989)- Comedy, Crime Fiction,  and Dark Comedy that contains topics relating to peer pressure, suicide, and gore.

Dazed and Confused (1993)- Indie Film, Coming-of-age, and Comedy that contains some nudity and harsh language.

Jennifer’s Body (2009)- Comedy, Dark Comdedy, and Horror that contains demonic themes and gore.

UHF (1989)- Comedy and Drama that contains soem violent scenes.

A Clockwork Orange (1971)- Crime Film, may contain some gory scenes so

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)- Drama, Comedy, and Musical that contains some scees that could disturb children.

Rocky (1976)- Action, Romance, and Adventure that contains some boxing violence.